Monday, 7 June 2010

Mixes on Monday

Not a huge amount of new music flying out of the speakers this Monday, but there have been a couple of new Crystal Castles remixes that have caught my eye in the past couple of days.

Memory Tapes has done a very lovely mix of Suffocation, available from Gorilla vs Bear. It's a delicate and dreamy slow jam, a sort of pretty synth pop with a slight Japanese slant to the keyboard chords. It's great.

Earlier in the week, Stereogum premiered a new Thurston Moore remix of former RWL favourite, Celestica. Thurston, not known as a remixer, has come up with a cracking take on one of CC's most electro offerings. Somewhat predictably, he has slowed it down and drowned it in percussive guitar twangs, but it still works in its altered form, Alice's airy vocal contributing to a shoegazey vibe.

Elsewhere, and away from remixes, acid-tongued Mancunian blogger FUC51 has been ruffling feathers over at the Guardian. FUC51 has made a name for himself (or herself) railing against the increasingly backward-looking nature of Manchester's music scene, spearheaded by the likes of Peter Hook. FUC51 is absolutely right, of course, Manchester has a great live scene, but some of the bigger players just totally need to move on. I'll be talking more about this at a later date...

This Basenji does not look that amused.

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